Profile: Microlabel LTD is label run by Panùm.

Music-Genre: Elettronic, Techno, IDM, Experimental...

Format: Digital Releases Download

Additional information: mp3s 320kbps



After 2 years of work and intense collaborations, the new project of our digital label will start: MICROLABEL LTD. The new digital label will use at the best the great resources created and collected by MicroLabel during the years of its net label activity. The label was created in 2007 to spread out experimental electronic culture. MicroLabel gave visibility to small productions and independent producers that agreed to the Creative Commons license. With the help of all the staff this net label has reached the regarding amount of 60.000 download par year and over 100.000 visits in 2008. It is also linked to the major websites for audio social-networking in Europe and was appreciated by the press. MicroLabel has several collaborations with singular artists around the world and other labels that search for quality: Stirsound, Intoxik, Mixotik, Metroline, Loopzilla, Deepindub.
From june 2009 MicroLabel will also start to distribute musical products charging a fee. It will take strength from the great visibility of the web site. We have in mind a digital label project (MicroLabel LTD) that will not use several distributors: we will not use the common mass distributors like Beatport (that gives none or less visibility inside their infinite catalogue) but create a shop directly on our web page using the myx2u technology.
Myx2u will be our primary distributor. They already work with labels like Max-Ernst, Karaoke Kalk and Level Records among others. They give you the chance to put your shop inside your website so we can use the over 100.000 fans that come to visit us. Myx2u shares 70% of the profits with the label, contrary than Beatport that makes the opposite. Myx2u handles also all the paperwork for the mechanical rights, so if you are with a collecting rights company such as ascap, gema siae etc. you will get your money directly on your account without having to wait that we do all the hard work (and you know how lazy labels can be). We will also try to be directly on I-Tunes, so we will not loose all the Mac addicts market, even if this will mean to loose some incomes. At the end we will look up for other distribution sites but we will not want to loose tracking of your music and the related incomes. We think that digital releases have a great potential to create incomes for artists and labels and we will try to do our best to achieve our goal. MicroLabel seeks for proposals. It must be a place of participation for electronic music fans and producers. We want to make an efficient on line label that can offer albums and eps with quality. We already collaborate with artist well or less known, some of them we discovered, all of them being part of the great electronic world. We always search for new inputs, to share our space with producers of new sounds that want to distribute music the best way possible. And if all goes as planned we will try to go also on physical supports. Naturally the work of a label is to promote the music. In this field we already have a lot of newspapers supporting us and a mailing list with over 3000 contacts. We are sure that the chain reaction will help us.

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