Born in Bolzano (alpine city in northern Italy) the 2nd of July 1984 (cancer). At the age of 7 his parents made him the biggest present ever…they made him start studying classic guitar. His musical studies on Spanish guitar went on for 12 years… ‘till the age of 19, when they have been interrupted for lack of time, but mainly depending from the fact that he needed to compose his own pieces. His musical experience until that point had always been focused just on the execution of music by guitar composers, from the XVI century arriving to authors like Villalobos, Aguado, Tarrega and Llobet. At the age of 15 he started djing, after a kind of sub-conscious flashback to the times he heard “his” first electronic music (early nineties). From the age of 14 ‘till 18 he practically lived with radio headphones in his ears, listening every type of music, mainly at night, frequently the whole night… During the same period he had the opportunity to play at some parties etc… This brought him to be the Saturday resident-dj @ Assenzio (BZ) at the age of 17… This brought him to be (summer 2003) the Saturday resident @ Lido Nuit Co. LIFE (Lido BZ)… This brought him to work with the Soul Kitchen Club for nearly a year starting from may 2004… All these experiences have brought him to “nowhere”, but have been a great school for his musical taste, givin’ him a good experience baggage. During 2002 he passed from simple music writing to music production. During the autumn 2004 he achieved to publish his first vinyl release, on Link Records (SAIFAM GROUP). The relationship with the Saifam Group went on with the publishing of a second and a third vinyl release, respectively a single and an E.P. record (march 2007), both on House Traxx (SAIFAM GROUP). Other productions have been made in Milan @ Gasoline Rec. Studio. Bored by the Italian labels, and tired of seeing his music judged only on the base of the market answer, at the moment he’s going on producing tasty minimal tunes… As proud creator of “Stereo Pretzel”, an underground collective of djs and artists, he constantly works to promote minimal music and electronic music culture. From June 2008 he’s performing LIVE, with his laptop and his UC-33^e. His live performances are quite particular and exciting, thanks to the fact he uses only self-produced music, wich has also been splitted and arranged to obtain a high execution freedom that shakes the audience like rarely happens!!! In september 2008 he moved with his stuff to Berlin to attend the audio engineering bachelor @ sae institute, and of course to try to rock the city.
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