Andrea Di Francesco Aka Mufo was born in Vasto , a little city on the middle of italian east coast.He started his musical career playing drums at the age of fourteen with the skilful hands of his father.In this period he had play different kind of music from blues to funky with a lot of band all around his region.At the end of advanced school he moves from Vasto to go to Bologna where he starts the university studies.Here he goes in for his passion for music,attending for three years one of the better musical school in Bologna.During this period his concept of music takes a shape more electro in fact he begins to have a strongly passion for this kind of music until arriving to a resonance more tecno.He buy his first tecno vinyl,and with passing of the time he’s become mad on this music,much to begin to compose some traces.In fact with the use of vintage instruments like juno 106 and tr 909 his creation have beginning.For him a new way is born to make music made of new sound and new emotions but without to neglect the passion for the drums.In 2005 he conceives his first album and after various proposals of production,he chooses that more attractive.In fact in February of 2006 the Kompakt of Cologne(Germany) produces the ep called C.L.A.U.D.I.A.

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