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New release for MicroLabel LTD on Beatport. Dusty-Underabloodpoundedground EP MLRD 004. Buy now! Dusty's Underabloodpoundedground EP underlines his passion for achieving a flawless fusion of vocals in an experimental galaxy of minimal/techno sounds....With this new 3 track release he unleashes a true expression of his concept of "Post-Meditative-Minimal".
Opening track "Rainy Sun" launches a steady techno groove cradled by hysterical detached voices and glacial melodies, which leads us into an endless trance spiral from which there is no easy way out. "Neo" seems to have been conceived from outer space with its melancholic lullaby that relentlessly drives us in a chaotic state through the corridors of our conscience and leaves us with one overwhelming question, "why have we got to lie?". With the last track Dusty leave not a sliver of doubt. The journey sinks into the abyss of feelings with its theatrical melody, bully bass and once again those spinning voices that invite us to join him in his "Grave Yard". The Underabloodpoundedground EP could crack your reality and let in a distant light… mind out there!!!




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