Time Out Of Joint
Elettronic, House, Experimental, Techno.
MLRD 001
Release Date:

Sutekh (, Leaf), Sarah Goldfarb (Dumb Unit, Treibstoff), Touane (Persona rec.), Philipe Petit (Bip-Hop), Ian Funk (Stirsound), Mufo (Kompakt, K2) and our two incredible discoveries Antonio Olivieri and Dusty(Intoxik). The first compilation of MicroLabel LTD is a release that bounces between genres and musical styles that artists from around the world have given us. IDM, electronica, dance floor concept, struggling dark techno, minimalism, traditional instruments and sophisticated electronic machines are used in the 8 tracks; very different styles that mysteriously melt together in one stream. "Time Out of Joint" is the first compilation of MicroLabel LTD. the title is taken from a novel by P.K.Dick that was inspired by the Hamlet. Looking for a title for our first release we taught to a strange metronome that runs at his own time, with out a joint with other times: the same happens to Ragle Gumm the main character of Dick's novel, he lives in a time that is not the one that should be. Hypochondriac grooves, soft sounds, delay, scratching and dry sounds cohabit in "Time Out of Joint" making this compilation homogeneous and brave like it comes from a time that we do not know, an unthinkable future or a past we have not lived. Naturally we are proud to say that behind our first creature there is Twerk that gives dynamic and volume to each track.

VA Time Out of Joint by microlabelltd

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